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Fluorite- Greedy Hog Pocket, Diana Maria, Co. Durham, England

Fluorite- Greedy Hog Pocket, Diana Maria, Co. Durham, England

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In February 2023, an exciting discovery surfaced from the Diana Maria mine in Weardale, County Durham, situated in the north-east of England. This extraordinary find, known as the "Greedy Hog Pocket," was located at the convergence point of the Greenbank and River Catcher Veins. Interestingly, the Diana Maria mine encountered the Greenbank Vein from a different direction than the one followed by the Rogerley mine since the early 1970s.

The collection primarily comprises Fluorite accompanied by Galena, with a few specimens featuring Fluorite alone. What truly distinguishes this combination is the captivating arrangement of interpenetrant twins, forming distinct and individual structures that are often sparsely scattered over the Galena. This unique composition exemplifies the concept of "less is more" and enhances the allure of this exceptional discovery.


8 x 6 x 2.5 cm

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