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Fluorite- Heavy Metal Pocket, Diana Maria, Co. Durham, England

Fluorite- Heavy Metal Pocket, Diana Maria, Co. Durham, England

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Nestled at the intersection zone of the Greenbank vein and the Sutcliffe vein within the Diana Maria mine, lies a remarkable pocket known as the Heavy Metal Pocket. Within this pocket, an exquisite array of specimen combinations awaits, featuring gem green Fluorite and Galena crystals in a highly enriched cavity zone.

The Fluorite crystals found in the Heavy Metal Pocket typically take the form of elongated cubes, with sizes averaging 2 cm and reaching up to 5 cm on their edges. While some crystals may possess clouded opaque cores that extend to their outer faces, the smaller ones reveal a mesmerizing beauty. These smaller crystals, often entirely gemmy, showcase stunning dark emerald green and ice-clear interiors, leaving collectors in awe of their brilliance.

This mini specimen comes mounted with display stand as photographed.

2.8 cm x 2.3 cm x 2.2

25 grams

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