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Sacred Assorted Crystal Grids in Birch

Sacred Assorted Crystal Grids in Birch

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This is a listing for 1 Birch crystal grid in a sacred geometry pattern of your choice. This is for the CRYSTAL GRID ONLY. These have been laser etched by a US artist!

Each is 1/8" inch thick. Please see photo associated with your choice to make sure it's the one you want!

A: Metatron's Cube: 7.75 inch
B: Flower Of Life with Sphere Stand: 7.75 inch
C: Sun Wheel: 7.75 inch
D: Sun and Moon Phase: 7.75 inch
E: Flower of Life: 7.75 inch

There are so many crystal combinations and patterns you can use for these grids! I have chosen to sell the grid only and allow you to choose which crystal grid pattern to use with your crystal grid.

Crystal grids are sacred geometry patterns upon which crystals are placed in specific order to amplify their resonance and energy. There are many known crystal grid patterns out there, however it is entirely possible to use your helping spirit guides to create your own crystal grid patterns as well. You can leave your crystal grid in a special place such as your altar.

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