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Fluorite- Poison Ivy Pocket, Lady Annabella, Co Durham, UK

Fluorite- Poison Ivy Pocket, Lady Annabella, Co Durham, UK

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Size: 8 x 7 x 5 cm

Longest Edge: 2 cm

Situated within The Bull Vein complex, the Poison Ivy Pocket unfolds as a succession of lenticular sub-pockets along the eastern flank of the vein. Its distinguishing feature lies in the intricately color-zoned green Fluorite crystals, measuring between 2 and 3.5 cm on each side.

These green Fluorite crystals often amalgamate to form a domed intergrown cluster, enveloping greyish-white Fluorite atop an iron-rich altered limestone matrix. The cubic crystals exhibit acidic apple-green gemmy edges and corners, transitioning to translucent frosted face centers with a sugary whitish apple-green hue.

The stark contrast between the clouded centers and gem-like corners and edges is both remarkable and enchanting. In natural daylight, the greens intensify, and the gemmy frameworks emit a gentle to bright blueish-purple glow due to their inherent fluorescence. When backlit, the cubic crystals are frequently bordered by vibrant lime-emerald green, characterized by perfectly parallel and gem-like edges.

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