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Fluorite- Supernova Pocket, Diana Maria, Co. Durham, England

Fluorite- Supernova Pocket, Diana Maria, Co. Durham, England

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Expanding westward from the Milky Way Pocket, the captivating Supernova pocket is aptly named to preserve its celestial connection. Drawing inspiration from the astronomical phenomenon of an exploding star, the name perfectly suits this pocket, given its close proximity to the Milky Way Pocket and the starburst effect showcased by its lustrous Quartz crystals that embellish the Fluorite.

Transitioning from the Fluorite of the Milky Way, the Supernova pocket boasts an alluring array of dominant mid-sea to dark forest green tones, captivating the eye with its vibrant hues. Moreover, these Fluorite crystals exhibit a fascinating daylight fluorescence, radiating an equally intense purple glow.

The enchantment doesn't end there, as crystallized Quartz weaves itself ubiquitously amidst the Fluorite. You can spot microcrystalline druses of Quartz, as well as single glassy crystals that terminate gracefully, reaching a few centimeters in size. The Supernova pocket truly shines as a celestial wonder within the realm of minerals, dazzling collectors and enthusiasts alike with its celestial-inspired beauty.

- 9 x 6 x 6 cm

- 470g

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